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How I anticipate the therapeutics oncology exam going
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Guys, it’s officially soup season!


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Or every Friday of modules

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Figuring out what to study for a cumulative final.

"Add additional cheese because hello duh."


- Hannah Hart, My Drunk Kitchen (80)


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When asked what I want to do with my career after graduation

"The brain can have as many illnesses as it pleases, that’s why we have to pay close attention to our patients."

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"We are not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us; we are wondering how painful the best will turn out to be."

- C. S. Lewis

Jun 4

A friend just shared an article with me by Shauna Niequiest. While the “30 things to do while your single” and “live your single days to the fullest” are a dime a dozen, this one particularly resonated with me. She repeats a mantra, “You are significant without a significant other" and I confess that I need to be reminded of that often. I am not a lesser being because I am currently unattached and I need to fight the tendency to hold off on some things until my tardy knight in shining armor arrives.

All of my friends know that I am constantly busy, hoping from one adventure to the next, juggling several responsibilities and areas involvement. Often they give me a hard time about being over-committed (a reality-check that I do need and value, even when it’s hard to answer that honestly), but I’ve had a hard time conceptualizing why it’s important to me to fill my current life will all these experiences.

That is, until I came to this part of the article:

At the same time, being single is an opportunity, even if it’s not one you choose. Spend it. Singleness gives you a little more flexibility (unless you’re single parenting, which is a whole different deal, and which means I think you’re absolutely amazing.).

You might not want to be single right now. I get it. But it affords you some freedoms, and you should take them, every single one of them. I’m so proud of my single friends who are traveling like mad and living in interesting places and training for super-time-consuming races and getting fascinating graduate degrees.

Not every season affords this flexibility, and if you have it, grab it. Take it. Use it up. Please don’t wish away this season just because it doesn’t look the way you thought it would. What does singleness afford you? Time to write that book? Space to learn that skill? Flexibility to spend the summer in that dreamy place? Even if it’s not what you wanted, or not what you planned, how can you spend the opportunity you’ve been given in this season?

So think on that, single friends. What opportunities, adventures, pieces of furniture, or cooking classes are you holding out on because you’re waiting for THE ONE to arrive? Why not take this time and use it to accumulate memories and skills that maybe one day you can share with someone else? What’s holding you back?

This is a great read for all, single, married, and anything in between:

Jun 3
You are Significant without a Significant Other